Greek Festival in Anchorage

It is the weekend on which we experience the annual Greek Festival hosted at the Greek Orthodox Church on O’Malley. Ever been? Visit it yearly? Thinking of a first time experience?

The Festival has long been known for the excellent food. Try the lamb dinner or the vegetarian plate (or both) for a sumptuous treat, then head to the dessert tent for Baclava and coffee. All the while, you will hear the music, and if you sit in the right tent, you can watch the children cavort along with the dancers.

There are plenty of displays to visit, including the Agora (Greek Market). You can stock up on foods, jewelry, t-shirts and jackets - and do not miss the cookbook. It will make a welcome present for coming holidays. Visit the new church and see the murals being painted by a modern-day Michelangelo. They say it will take six years to complete this work.

The Festival runs through Sunday evening (August 19). Check their Facebook page for updates and reviews.