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A New Weather Pattern, An Old Story

This time last year, we wrote, “We have a rule of thumb: Halloween is usually snowy, so bundle the kids in snow-suit costumes if you plan on Trick or Treating! This year may be the exception: it is the third week of the month and the temperature is far from cold. We have seen days in the 40’s and 50s! Travelers are getting a ‘bonus’ in this travel season: they want see the snow on the mountain tops without having to navigate it on the streets. Come visit - Mama Mia is at the Performing Arts Center, and that show will warm anyones toes.”

This year, by the end of the first week of October, we have had snow fall. The snow did not last the day, but it was here and visible. In fact, friends living on the Hillside reported up to eight inches of snowfall, although in the lower regions we saw less than an inches.

And cultural events? Well, the Anchorage Opera is hosting Mrs. President this evening, the story of Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for President of the United States….in 1872! It is great to come to town for such events, then spend the night in a cozy bed and breakfast….a timeless tradition….